Mixed Material Repairs

Your  deserves the right repair

Give your mixed material an Approved Accident Repair

If your is contructed with mixed material, you'll want to be sure that your accident repairer is qualified to work to the specialist requirements and restore your to its original factory condition. This requires special attention in the repair process due to the materials that the body is construction with. These body structures are known as mixed material. It could be steel or aluminium or a combination of both.

To make sure you’re back on the road with the correct repair to suit your car's constuction, choose   Approved Accident Repair.

Does my use mixed materials?

Ask your Approved Accident Repair Centre for guidance to make sure that your vehicle is repaired to the best possible standard.
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A4: 2016 onwards
A5: 2016 onwards
A6: 2016 onwards
A7: 2016 onwards
A8: all
Q5: 2016 onwards
Q7: 2017 onwards
R8: all
TT2 & TT3: all